Witches – Lifespan and Age

The witch’s lifetime is a bit different than our own. Your witch will grow 5 years each day. When you first rezz a witch into your environment she will have already completed her first accomplishment and has now at least 100 years, unless she is an apprentice. The witches don’t die, they invaded the realm of second life to have fun and discover new worlds.


10 to 99 Years

You can get these witches on the Treasure Game Hud, also if using a Summon Apprentice Artifact. The apprentices can receive tutorship from a “Teacher”. Check our Teach Calculator in-world available for free on our Vendors, it will allow you to simulate the success of a Teach from a certain “Teacher” and an Apprentice. Wear your Teacher Calculator Hud and click it, navigate through the menu and input the required values, and hit the “Get Results”. A report of that pair will be displayed on the local chat so that you can analyze and take the best decision. An Apprentice will gain 14 values of talent when becoming a Witch if you don’t Teach her.


100 to 549 Years

Has the ability to recruit apprentices when using a “Summon Apprentice”.

A Witch can summon up to 5 Apprentices by using youth potions to make her younger again. When a Witch Summons an Apprentice she gets 150 years older and becomes an Elder Witch earlier. If a Witch has summoned an Apprentice and then gets a Youth Potion, she will become a Witch again, although she won’t lose her Teach button.

Elder Witch

550 to 999 years

An Elder Witch means she either reached 550 years or she summoned an Apprentice. When a Witch becomes an Elder Witch, she will become a slow producer of points (10% of her max possible points), because she needs to concentrate on her Teach skill. You can unlock more active time for your witch by making her younger (Witch) again with a Youth Potion Artifact (I, II or III) (until she becomes Ancient). When a witch becomes Elder she can pass along some of her legacy and knowledge through “Teach”. You will find the Teach button on your Elder Witch if you haven’t yet used it, the Teach Skill becomes available again if you use a Summon Apprentice or if she becomes Elder through her natural cycle. Use the Teach Calculator available on our vendors for free as a tool to understand what are the best outcomes of certain pairings.

Ancient Witch

+1000 years

An Ancient Witch has had the time of her life and cannot produce more than 10% of her points. At this age, she can still teach an Apprentice if you haven’t used. They can no longer take youth potions, animas, nor learn to fly, although they don’t decrease on level anymore. They will still produce 10% of their potential of points.

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Witches Rarities and Talent

Talent is a value that represents the witches base potential of production. The higher the Talent equals the more points produced. Starter Packs can only give you up to Ultra-Rare witches, in order to improve and enhance your witches you will need to play their game. Summon Apprentices with Witches, use Witches with Teach Skill available to teach them, and repeat with other Apprentices in order to improve your chances at mastering the perfect balance. In our Vendors you can find a Teach Skill Calculator HUD for free. All you need to do is input the required values and you can get the results on local chat.

Rarity Talent
Common 14 to 28
Uncommon 29 to 42
Rare 43 to 57
Ultra-Rare 58 to 71
Epic 72 to 85
Legendary 86+
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Average Productions

Witches Points Production



Rarity 10 30 50
Common 21 128 232 334
Uncommon 35 600 942 1285
Rare 50 1620 2340 3060
Ultra-Rare 64 3395 4628 5862
Epic 78 6128 8014 9900
Legendary 92 10028 12702 15377
  • These values represent the Witches with Anima
  • For Super Anima multiply by 2
  • For Mini Anima multiply by 0,5
  • For No Anima multiply by 0,1
  • These are just reference numbers for the period of 1 day, witches grow in level daily when using Anima, each level gives you extra points, so take these values as a rough estimate.
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Witches are bound to you in a magical journey. They will give you 10% of their maximum potential of points without their food, Anima.

Different types of Anima

Anima Name % of Points Duration
Mini Anima 50 30 days/1 week/1day
Anima 100 30 days/1 week/1day
Super Anima 200 30 days/1 week/1day
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How do i get Animas?

Mini Animas, Animas and Super Animas are available in unit pieces or crates of 10 on our vendors.

1 Week and 1 Days Animas can be obtained through the Treasure Play Game.

Book of Animist Profession – Gives you tables to creata Mini Anima, Anima and Super Animas.

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Witch Menus


Rename –  Rename your witch, or reset it to the original name. To reset the Witch to her original name, leave the box blank and submit.

Say Stats – Say or Shout the current Witch’s Hovertext.

Fly – Turn Flying movement on/off around the environment. When she is not flying, your witch will stand on the Ancient Stone

Hovertext Modes

Mode 1

Name – witch’s name – can be changed by you, and can be reset to original again.
Age – her age in years (24 hours = 5 years)
Level – 1 to 60 (This only increases with Anima) The level affects the production of points, and also the Teach Skill.
Specialty – Magician (+magic pts) | Hybrid (balanced pts) | Alchemist (+alchemy pts)
Talent – 14 to 100 – The base potential of production of points.
Anima –  Anima | Super Anima  (amount of time in years) this stat will be in three different lines, if you load one of each Anima on your witch she will show the time you have left in each of the types of Anima.
Status – No home! If your witch is not allocated to an environment/ Sealed! If your witch is still inactive, click her to activate

Mode 2

Exp – Witch Level Experience/Witch Level Experience needed to next level
Alchemy Talent – Alchemy Skill
Magic Talent – Magic Skill
Total Points ( A | M ) – total points produced by the witch (boosters don’t add to this count)
Anima Type and duration in real time for each type
Youth Left – Amount of Youth Essence
Item – a lucky charm enhancer

Mode 3

Profession – if a Witch has a profession, it will state the name of the profession and it’s level – 1 to 9
Production – Artifact/Environment – it tells you if your Witch is producing to the Environment or for her own Artifact Production
Current Points – Points available to summon Artifacts
Pointas Required – Amount of points you need to Summon Artifacts
Experience – Amount of Profession Exp you have/Amount of Profession Exp required to level up
Taught: Yes/No – If the Witch teached an apprentice.

No Text – Turn on/off hovertext

Animations – Turn on/off witch animations – If you turn animations off your witch will return to the Ancient Stone and stop her animations until you turn her animations on again.

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